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ARA Episode One by Leocartoon was released September 11th, 2009. This was the remade version of the previous series done by the Ex-animatory, Volkain10. Due to problems in flash, the episode was a bit choppy, but accepted by the audience. It was about 6 minutes in length.

Scrapped Episode TwoEdit

After Episode One was released, Episode two was in the works. Due to some problems it was discontinued, and the entire series was being pushed forward into a movie direction.

thumb|300px|right|ARA Episode One


  • Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toadsworth, Axem Blue, and his Master were introduced.
  • Axem Blue defeats Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, and captures all of the Power Stars.


  • Leocartoon accidentally used Luma sprites instead of Power Stars.
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