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SMBZ1, otherwise known as Nintedosega, or NintedosegaSMBZ1, is the script writer of the series. ARA has been inspired by many works, such as Super Mario Brothers Z, and various other animations by various authors.


The past creation of ARA involved many conflicts with the script writer, and animator. He was the first animator of ARA, who preformed slack-off animations of the first two episodes. He was soon fired after making a spoof of episode one with extreme profanity.

Episodes Involved In:

  • Episode One
  • Episode Two
  • Post-Episode Three (Never released)
  • Episode One spoof


The current animator is Leocartoon, who is currently working on the ARA Movie. He's been involved with ARA for quite some time now, and actually volunteered to animate after the loss of Volkain10.

Creations Involved In:

  • Episode One remake
  • Episode Two preview
  • ARA: The Movie Preview (Current work)
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