Forbidden Land Map Enlarged

Map of the Forbidden Lands

The Forbidden Lands is deserted area to the north of the Shiver Mountains. It is a very hostile atmosphere. It hosts very unpredictable weather, and a place where very few to none live, or survive in. There are many sections to the Forbidden Lands, but none have truly been explored due to the dangers. Due to so many tragedies, the Mushroom Court had ruled it illegal to travel beyond the Shiver Mountain boundary line.

Shiver Mountain Ice Cap TunnelsEdit

Past the Shiver Mountain Boundary line lies the Shiver Mountain Ice Cap Tunnels. It is mostly a straight, narrow pass way the connects the Mushroom Kingdom to the Forbidden Lands. It is a barren wasteland, with a very cold, frigged climate.

Forbidden ValleyEdit

The Forbidden Valley is a flat, deserted land, that is connected by the Shiver Mountain Ice Cap Tunnels. It is the second largest area width wise, and is known for very violent Tornadoes, and Hurricanes. It also contains the ruins of an ancient city, though no one knows what it could of been for. It suggests that the Forbidden Lands may have once been a safe area for creating civilizations.

Transent ForestEdit

The Transent Forest is a very thick wooded area, with many swamps surrounding it. It is a broad connection of islands that seem to have been merged by narrow passageways. It is said that the Transent Forest receives very stormy weather mostly, and forest fires occur often. Though the forest is so broad, and thick it barley leaves a mark.

Exalabren ForestEdit

The Exalabren Forest is a huge land massed area, with very thick forests as well. What sets it apart from the Transent Forest is the fact the Exalabren Forest has a much more mountainous area, covered by trees. It is rumored that half of the Exalabren Forest is the Beanbean Kingdom, and the other half comes from the Mushroom Kingdom, that both collided thousands of years ago. That is possibly what gave it the huge mountains towards the center. The Exalabren Forest experiences many earthquakes.

Exalabray Passway Edit

The Exalabray Passway is a very flat land, that undergoes numerous weather effects year-round. It is connected to the Exalabren Forest, and Exalabray Hills. Near the end of the Exalabray Passway, it is said the area becomes a very deadly purple color from toxic fumes.

Exalabray HillsEdit

The Exalabray Hills is the end of the Forbidden Lands East Peninsula. This is the area where Axem Blue, and Fawful had hid their base in. The area is filled with toxic plants that have caused the entire area become a gloomy purple color. Near the north end, it splits off into a huge lake, where Fawful's fortress is based at.

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